About Us

International Training Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Chris Rodgers, now a retired USNR Master Chief, SEAL.

I did not join the Navy until I was 29 years old, but did so with the sole intention of making it to SEAL Team Four. Driven by a SEAL Team Jungle Warfare recruiting poster, I found myself on the beach in Coronado celebrating my 30th birthday breakout night of Hell Week class 140.

I earned my place at Team Four with tours in Central & South America, Iraq & Iran War and was part of the first Operational SEAL Platoon stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. Later transferring to Naval Reserve SEAL Team Eight I served in various positions for over eleven years and then continued on to SEAL Team 17 where I completed what was to be my final deployment for the Navy to Africa in 2008. I officially retired from military service as a Master Chief Petty Officer in 2011.

In 2009 the security contractor door was opened to me for a few years working in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan helping those less fortunate than most. I now spend the majority of my time supporting my customers, fulfilling product demands and consulting concerns.

With over 30 years experience interacting with military, federal and state local law enforcement, sportsman and competitive shooters, I have had the opportunity to handle an extensive variety of firearms. Throughout my travels I have also observed various professional shooting techniques in many different countries and environments, using the knowledge to help develop ITC Marksmanship’s shooting programs, products and training specifically targeting to firearms that need to be shouldered to operate.

Every year, advancements are made in shooting technologies such as laser range finders, illuminated optics, thermo imagery, precision ammunition and custom made firearms. All my ITC products are designed to enhance and compliment these advancements, while maintaining the very foundation of your marksmanship skills. No matter what level of proficiency you have or what environment you are shooting in, ITC Marksmanship products will provide you with Practical Innovation for Accuracy and Consistency.

Chris Rodgers
International Training Concepts, Inc.