ITC Shot Log / Data Card System

Instruction guide, 3-ringed binder, 40 / 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 Data Cards made from heavy card stock, 40 / 8-1/2 x 11 Large T-Section & 40 Mini.
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UPC: 81417300304


The SHOT LOG/DATA CARD SYSTEM is perfect for the Law Enforcement patrol rifle or any rifle weapon system that requires consistent shooting skill documentation. Ready for immediate use to be filled in before and after you take the shot with the pertinent information necessary to develop and maintain your marksmanship skills. Formatted to fill in the blanks to keep track of environmental conditions, yardage, elevation, moving target leads, bullet type and more. Each system comes with our unique mini and full size T-Section Targets to get you started. Place the full size target down range and paste the mini target in the space provided on the card. With this exact image of the target being observed at shooters position, bullet placement and data can now be recorded with extreme precision. When shooting session is over, fold the full size target in half, match up with corresponding Shot Log/Data Card, and place in the binder for future reference.

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