ITC RailRest


The ITC RailRest in suede is designed specifically for tubular, thin-railed or odd shaped stocks that require some height assistance in the comb area. Most helpful with folding and collapsible stocks and those that tend to kick your face like a mule after pulling the trigger.

Based on the same concept as our CheekRest the RailRest will help to align your eye with the center of the scope or iron sights as fast as you can place your cheek on the stock. Our RailRest can be positioned anywhere on the stock to accommodate the shooting style for both a right or left handed shooter.

Use the internal pouch to place the water-proof foam pads inside to elevate the stock to your perfect height or cut and shape the foam to create your own spot weld like the examples above.

You will find no other Cheek Pad, Cheek Piece or Comb Raiser that is more versatile than the ITC RailRest!