ITC RailRest Black Wet Suit

UPC: 81417300230

The ITC RailRest, Black wet suit material is our fastest growing seller due to the fact that no one else covers the thin railed or odd stock design like this product can. No bullet pouches, bulky strap systems, screws, or buckles to interfere with your grip. Just a functional custom fit for perfect eye alignment, faster first shot capability and consistent accuracy.

The wet suit material has the softest feel on you face and is tough enough for extreme conditions.   

Some rifle stock compatibility suggestions:

Advanced Technology pump shotgun, Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Recoil Reducing Folding, Knoxx Axiom Thumbhole, ATI Remington 870 Side Folding, Choate SKS Side Folding, Choate Ithaca 37 Side Folding, Choate Remington 1100/1187 pistol grip,  Choate 20 gage Remington 870 Mark 5,  Choate MARK 6 Thumbhole Style Shotgun Stock for Mossberg 500/600/590, Vepr 12GA Semi Auto Shotgun, Sig 556 Swat Patrol Rifle Folding Collapsible Stock, KRISS Vector CRB 45 ACP 16" Carbine, Heckler & Koch UMP, Bushmaster ACR, Blaser R8 Professional Success Thumbhole stock, etc.


Suggested applications: Any rifle, shotgun or crossbow stock that requires your eye to be in alignment with the center of the scope or rear site, rifle or shotguns that kick like a mule, young marksman that need a bit of a cushion or rise in the comb area to compensate for being of small stature.

• Each hook & loop strap is 12" long that can be cut to your specs.

• Non-slip rubber back to prevent movement on the stock.

• Hidden internal pouch for placement of height adjusting waterproof pads.

• 3 pads included when used together will give you 1-1/4" rise in comb area.  (Extra pads are  available)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Awesome cheek rest pad, perfect for Swiss Folding Stocks., 11/24/2015

I needed something on my Sig556 to raise the Swiss Folding Stock to AR sight level for the optics and flip sights I chose. This product fit the bill perfectly. It gave me enough padding to do the job while staying low pro. Its slim, neat, and looks like it belongs there. Its just slim enough, in fact, that it doesn't hinder locking the stock into the folded position. The straps used are a bit cheap ... but for under $30 it was still worth it. The pad actually looks pretty nice if you cut the straps off and lace 550 cord of the color you want instead. You get a more conformal hold that can be really tightened down to prevent slippage on these smooth plastic stocks. All in all it was just what I was looking for.