ITC Dust Cover

UPC: 81417300406
Size: 8" L x 3" W


The ITC Dust Cover, Black Cordura keeps dust out and protects your front sight and/or crown from damage. Slip the cover over the end of your barrel and secure with our bungee and cord lock to hold in place. Great for both single or double barrel applications.


- Made from rugged Cordura and layered with closed cell foam

- Extra padding at the end to protect your front sight and / or crown

- Provides a total of 8 inches of coverage from end of barrel

- Designed by: ITC Marksmanship

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ron , 01/31/2016

This cover sounds like a simple product but the darn thing WORKS.  A lot of my military rifles have muzzle brakes so I am not so concerned about the barrel crowns.  However, I have a couple of rifles that have heavy barrels and target crowns.  This gadget covers the crown protecting it and because of how it is made, it does not fall off, period.  Put it on your rifle, pull up the bungee, turn your rifle upside down and shake the devil out of it.  That cover stays right where you put it.  This is a great item to keep you from accidentally damaging your muzzle crown.  You cannot go wrong with ITC quality either.